About The Company

Innovative Air was founded and established in 2009 by Michael Eric Catmull. I was founded with one core belief: problem solving with transparency. Eric started the company as a service HVAC company due to the shroud of secrecy around HVAC repairs. He didn’t like that customers were charged unfairly high prices without an explanation of how the system works and without photo documentation. That spirit to this day continues to drive his company. 

Innovative Air in its current form is primarily a construction mechanical contractor. Eric has been blessed with team members that care as much he does about quality, transparency, and integrity. You’re invited to explore the team member page and get to meet some of the team that drives Innovative Air forward with year in and year out growth. What started as one man, is now 37 team members strong and growing. 

Speaking of teams, Innovative Air has had, for a tradesman HVAC company, a surprisingly low turnover. That comes from treating team members like integral parts of this machinery. Every single person is just as important as the other, from owner to delivery driver. Each person has a wealth of different life experiences that can be harnessed to create a truly uniquely efficient system.

How It Started

Life is a constant opportunity of growth, right? Innovative Air started through multiple mistakes. Innovative Air started when I was fired from my old job. While most people don’t like to admit their mistakes, I revel in the opportunity to learn and share my growth as a person and business owner. 

With the many sharp tools in my tool shed and now equipped with new ones, I was ready to bring my integrity and transparency to the HVAC world. 

What started as a coffee with the owner of the Affordable Dental locations for maintenance agreements flourished into design building new dentist offices. From there, many General Contractor’s have put their faith in Innovative Air. From Masjid Mosques with Bush Construction, Call Centers with BURKE Special Projects, Tenant Improvements and Supercar raceways with JA Tiberti, our Skilled nursing facilities with Ledcor… they have all been and continue to be customers for Innovative Air.

What We Do


Tenant improvements are a lifeblood of Innovative Air. These types of construction are what we started our construction services on (dollar general conversion of an old rite aid). If you need HVAC for any application in any current space, we can design a solution for you. Alternatively, we can work with engineered plans as well. 



There are a few HVAC companies that produce good work in the Las Vegas valley. Few can do design build and get approval from plans examination 98.2% on the first submission. Innovative Air is that mechanical contractor. Design build is done entirely by the Owner, Eric Catmull, in which you get a very hands on experience. 


Do you have a space that has existing air conditioning units that are in good working condition and you’d like to run new ductwork? Innovative Air can help. We have lots of experience in restaurant conversions in which a new owner wants to take a grid ceiling out and run exposed ductwork. 



Are you an owner or General contractor who has a set of plans that is HVAC engineered with too much cost? If you feel that you’d like to save some money and still meet all code requirements, Innovative Air is a great addition to your construction team. We utilize our design build knowledge and experience to produce a cheaper solution.